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Even In Summer
A History of the Battle in Verse


How will I, with justice, cross these fields in words
     and not trample
                “what they did here?”

Perfect in architecture:
	Hills rising from valleys, 
                              	Streams rising from beds,    
	God-like boulders rising
                              from everywhere

What was once all the dead and the dying
     now green with the living
     or flowing with life

How will I not return to death the sacred memories
              still walking, 
    maybe sill warring back and forth across these grounds?

Now is not the time to blanket dismiss or tear apart
          (there are “facts” no one agrees upon)

But close your eyes with me
    I am not your historian.
  I am no Coddington, Gallhager or Dreese.

I am your poet
    Like you, I am only trying to understand
          that fleeting, that fading
   near silly concept
       dripping questions eternal
    and groping for more details

There are 160,000 primary sources still hovering
         over and within
  but this is not one of them

This is my life spent in awe
   all near tears wandering Gettysburg
This is my plate offered
   yes humbly,   for you
Take eat, this is my life
        as much as it is yours

Enter Even in Summer Poetry

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A Quick Note on Copyright:
Nothing in this site is copyrighted. It's that simple. Every picture (minus the images used as links) and every word is my own. I love them like my children. But cannot own them. If you feel the desire to print out my words and sell them as your own, by all means, do so. If you feel the desire to print out my words and burn them, do so as well. I cannot and would not stop you. Out of kindness, I do hope that if you plan on using my words you would contact me and give me proper credit. But neither are expected. Most of all, please take what you can get from these words. They are not profound, they are hardly touching, but they are everything to me. I can only thank you endlessly for reading.

This page is dedicated to those who there gave their lives or saw their comrades give theirs.
Also to Jeff.

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