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Outside the stockade.

One way in, no way out.

A little slice of heaven.

Inside (a recreation of some of the shelters).

Small gumblanket lean-to.

The Delux Model.

More gumblankets for homes.


One corner.

Some monuments inside the prison.

Massachusetts Monument

Missouri Monument

A hole dug as an escape route.

Another hole for escaping.

Between the Deadline and the Stockade (white posts on the left are where the deadline was. On the right is where the stockade was).

Stockade, Deadline.
Stockage was the large wooden wall. Deadline was the wooden rail inside the stockade. If you crossed the deadline, you were shot.

Providence Spring

"The Swamp"
This area was the bathing area and the latrine for the entire camp.

Reconstructed Enterance

In the swamp.
Providence Spring in the distance.


POW Monument
Inside the cemetery


Cemetery Monument

Raiders Graves
They were Union soldiers who stole from beat and murdered their brothers in arms. The fellow prisoners conducted a trial and sentenced them to be hanged. They asked that the six ring-leaders be buried apart from the rest of the dead.

Various Monuments within the cemetery.

Long lines.

They seem to never end.

A corner of the cemetery.

Pennsylvania Monument

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