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The 56th Pennsylvania claim the first infantry shot of the battle of Gettysburg.

The famous McPherson barn where the Iron Brigade went into action.

A panaramic view of the first day's field.

An interesting monument to the 142nd Penna on Reynolds Ave.

Another, more easternly, view of the first day's field. This overlooks Iverson's Pits.

This is Iverson's Pits close up. The monument is to the Pennsylvania unit that charged them.

Monument to the 153rd Pennsylvania on Barlow's Knoll, north of town.

Monument to the 74th Pennsylvania.

A close up of the 74th's monument.

Probably one of the least visited parts of the battlefield, see if you can find it.

The Lutheran Theological Seminary, used as a lookout for General Buford.

The Eternal Light Peace Memorial on Oak Ridge.

Iverson's Pits. The Union fired from within the far tree line.

Another shot of Iverson's Pits.

McPherson Barn in the snow.

A very snowy, recently renovated Eternal Light Peace Memorial.

Sach's Covered Bridge.

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