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Gettysburg Ghost?

First off, let me tell you who was involved. Shelly (my girlfriend), Jeff (my cousin), Debbie (Jeff's girlfriend), and me. Jeff and Debbie were in period dress, Shelly and I were in regular clothing.

The Event.

Saturday Night. All of us were up on Little Round Top watching the sunset. We missed it by a few minutes, but got talking to another reenactor and some spectators. I took a few pictures with my HP digital camera. About 30 minutes after sunset, we ventured to the Triangular field. All of us had been there before, Jeff and Debbie have experienced strange happenings there before. Nothing concrete, but strange. Jeff felt a finger at his throat and Debbie felt a hand on her shoulder (I learned this later). It was dark, there were a few people there. I took one picture of Jeff. It was a flash picture. We were walking down one of the paths worn into the grass when Shelly's foot slipped in a hole of some kind and she twisted her ankle. A few months prior, she broke it, so we were both a little concerned about it. We sat down on a rock near the middle of the field and she cried a little and I comforted her. Jeff and Debbie walked down to the bottom of the hill and were out of view. A few people passed us, leaving the field. We, except for Jeff and Debbie, were alone. About 2 or 3 minutes passed. I was sitting, or rather squatting on the rock, on the right side of Shelly, who was sitting, facing north, but her head was on my shoulder. For some reason (even she doesn't know why), she looked to her left and screamed. She screamed a lot. Then burried her head in my shoulder and said, "There's someone there, I saw something I saw something!!" She was crying and screaming. I told her a few times, "shelly, there is no one there." She calmed down, but couldn't stop crying. It was like a weeping. Jeff and Debbie came running up, thinking that she had tried to walk up the hill and fell on her bad ankle. They found us on the rock and Shelly was still weeping. They asked her a few questions that didn't even dawn on me to ask her. She described the fellow she saw as "olive complected, wearing a union frock coat and a hat with a stiff brim (not a slouch hat)" he also had a mustache and a very serious look. She said that at first she thought it was Jeff, but then realized it wasn't. Jeff was many yards away. This person/thing was 2 feet away from her, looking down at her. She claimes that if she could find this fellow's picture, she could identify him. She remembers his face very well. I know what union units fought there and we are looking for pictures. After hearing this, I didn't feel anything odd or "spooky." But that changed. (side note: I've had some experiences w/ ghosts before, most were *very* bad experiences) I started to feel something odd going on in front of me. I felt .. it's hard to describe.. almost slimy, but with energy. I kept flinging my arm like you might do if you got oil or something on it.. just to get it off. But something was happening in front of me. So I grabbed my camera and took a shot, covering the flash with my hand. It didn't go off. This is typical of my camera, and not due to the field. My camera "beeps" when i take a picture. No beep (and later i found out no picture), but there was a flash and it came FROM the woods. A dull white.. not quite a flash, more like a pulse of light, very quickly growing and going away, as if in slow motion. This didn't register at first. Until I took a picture, still covering the flash w/ my hand. It looked a LOT different. It flashed almost an orange and i could feel the heat on my hands (like a normal flash, as it was such). I tried to turn off the flash, but failed, took two other pictures. One on high quality, one on the lower setting. The first was a little to the left of where I felt "something" and the second (and last) was of where shelly saw this fellow.

The Pictures.

This is the first picture I took that came out strangly.
There is an "orb" in the upper part of the picture, and another below and a little to the right of it.
For a bigger image, click here.

This is the picture I took of Jeff in the Triangular Field.

The first of three shots I took in the Triangular Field with "orbs" in them.
There is no larger shot of this because this is the picture that I accidently took at the
lower setting as I was trying to turn the flash off.

This is the above shot in the day time, same camera angle.

The second of three pictures I took in the
Triangular Field with "orbs" in them.
For a larger image, click here.
There is no daytime shot of this.

The third of three shots I took in the Triangular Field with "orbs" in them.
This is the best shot, in my opinion.
It's also where this fellow that Shelly saw was standing.
For a larger image, click here.

Someone recently (3.1.01) emailed me saying that they thought there could be a "person" standing in this shot. I lightened it up a bit, zoomed in on it... you be the judge. Jeff and Debbie were far to the camera's right, far out of view. Shelly was behind me.

This is the shot above during the day.

This is a picture of the rock we were sitting on
when the event happened.

As an interesting side note, we also went to Burkettsville, MD, where parts of Blair Witch Project were filmed. There was a Civil War reenactment nearby. I took some pictures of the grave yard that is featured in the movie. Also, we went to Sach's Covered Bridge in Gettysburg and took a bunch of pictures. None came out or even registered that I took them. Probably nothing but an interesting side note.