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Beautiful green view of LRT from the Longstreet Tower.

A very dry and brown view taken from just north of Devil's Den.

From the NY monument looking north towards the PA monument.

Looking south towards where the Law's boys stepped off.

Gen. Warren, who discovered LRT was quite bare.

This picture really gives you an idea of just how straight up the western side of LRT is.

Such a lonely country side now.

A huge shot of Warren.

A momunmental shot, Trostle barn in the foreground and to the right.

An engraved speculation as to where Col. Vincent was standing when he was mortally wounded.

View of LRT from a Confederate gunner's perspective.

Looking far down the slope.

Quite a dark day.

A battery off in the distance.

Posibly the remains of a road?

My father is a loving man. Here he can be seen helping a small child up a place where he probably shouldn't have been.

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