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Gettysburg & Beyond from 3/25-26/00

For my monuments project and pure fun and other stuff, we headed to Gettysburg once again. Going nearly every weekend now. Will be taking many more pics. Anyway, this time most of the pics (around 50 of them) were of monuments. They'll be posted when I've gathered more and more pics of monuments. For now, the other stuff.

Once again we began at the beginning. I've never really gotten out and walked around these monuments and this area before. Was pretty impressed.

We met up with my cousin Jeff and his girlfriend and also with Logan and his family. This is Login picking up his "dead" son.

"Oh my son! Whatever will I do?!"

The Copse of Trees. This is right before a big storm, though that is off camera. Yes, risking my life for Gettysburg...

This is Krissy on Little Round Top. She is Logan's other child.

The next day we went to Monocacy. More pictures are (or will soon be) posted in the "Other Civil War Sites" area.

On the way back, we stopped at Grottos of Lourdes on RT 15 in Maryland. If you ever get the chance, stop there. It's very beautiful.