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Day 1: Of Shoes and Disregard

The first day is forgotten. Overshadowed by Little Round Top and Pickett's Charge. Turned into a minor skirmish. But here is where the blood ran in rivers. Here is where the 24th Michigan lost 80%. Here is where Iverson simply lost. Most have forgotten. But there are still a few who remember. And many of us who wish we could forget.

They get the honor of first shot first infantry shot (the first shot was Marcellos Jones "let me open this ball") From here I can hardly understand anything. There were men, they fought and died and this is glorious this is honor to die (written near 56th Pa marker, Spring '97)

Three muskets stacked As if at rest As if nothing happened But this is my imperfection Belittling what they have done (written near 56th PA marker, Spring '97)

In this field they formed Their first lines of defense In this field they died Or ran for their lives (written near 56th PA marker, Spring '97)

The ridge they formed behind... The field they marched across... Where Rebs marched fired and died But the Yanks ran through the town From this field (written near 56th PA marker, Spring '97)

Robinson's boys ran by here And chased the line to the hills They broke and ran (written near the 56th PA marker, Spring '97)

For cover. Not capture. Good lesson in irony. (written near the RR cut, Spring '97)

Looking on Iverson's Pits Even in summer with tall brown grasses You can see the marker "The advance of the 88th" When I first saw it from here I though it might be to commemorate Iverson's Brigade You can see the path even in summer And you question again if you really feel right in walking it (written near eternal light, Spring '97)

I sometimes tell people that nothing happened here What I mean is "no fighting" Is it safe to equate "no fighting" to nothing on a battlefield? Artillery posted Men deployed Wounded brought back Dead bodies asleep (written near eternal light, Spring '97)

Maybe it's the contour of the land naturally But it does slope down (like a pit) Like the earth swallowed them whole She swallowed 200 they were swallowed in rows As they formed As they marched As they died (hardly time to fight) Laid to rest by friends Who survived but never recovered (written in near Iverson's Pits, Spring '97)

they told of how it ran in rivulets now, I can't picture this and I don't really want to But when I look on this field I level blood with tears (written in New Berlin, PA about Iverson's Pits, Spring '97)

This wall was built by retreating Yankees It doesn't mention this On any sign or marker Confederate guns are posted along this federal wall As a reminder of undoing (written in Shurtz Woods, Spring '97)

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