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After the Smoke Cleared

Maybe the smoke hasn't yet cleared. The thick haze of cannon and musket belching has long since dissolved. Replaced a century later with the thick haze of exhaust. Tale pipes now for artillery. Both equal in their deadly potential. The congestion of blue and grey, battling through and over the streets and hills and valleys are mocked by the congestion of camera toting tourists, complete with their flip-flops and 2.5 kids. Mockery. But in some way, we all take part in this mockery. Which is more offensive in our derision: ignorant participation of the typical tourist or the willing role in examination and counter-examination of the anal historian? That is never for the poet to decide.

How Green the Grass Should Grow

Boy Scouts


Morning Black

At Last

Nothing But Glory



Between the Signal Shots

By Halves


Once More Before They Die


Spangler's Spring