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Looking on Iverson's Pits

Even in summer
   with tall brown grasses
You can see the marker
           "The advance of the 88th"
When I first saw it from here
I thought it might be to commemorate
   Iverson's Brigade

You can see the path
   even in summer
And you question again
    if you really feel right
      in walking it

Maybe it's the contour of the land
But it does slope down
        (like a pit)
Like the earth swallowed them whole
She swallowed 200
  they  were swallowed in rows
     As they formed
     As they marched
     As they died
      (hardly time to fight)
   Laid to rest by friends
   Who survived
        but never recovered


   they told of how it ran 
           in rivulets
 I can't picture this
     and I don't really want to
        when I look on this field
I level blood with tears