9.15.00 -- Added two pages (10:45 & 11am) please check them out.  More to add to the 11am one, but it's late and I'm not up to typing right now.  So far, 56 pages (8.5 x 11) of this thing.  And I'm only at 11am on the first day.  Not sure where this is going.

8.02.00 -- Well, it's been awhile, but I updated all of the timeline poems.  I seem to be constantly updating and editing everything Gettysburg related that I write.  It's really great.  Having a very fun time at this.

6.29.00 -- I'm going back and adding stuff now.  Little tidbits of info.  This project may never be fully finished and that's ok.  I've recently written about 20 pages more for this, but have little time to type it out.  So much to do and the anniversary is coming up in a few days, so time will be slim.  But for now, keep reading.

6.27.00 -- Added an "undate me" page so you wont have to go here.  I'm also writing quicker than I can post.  So I've got a lot sitting in my notebook just itchin' to be typed out. :)

6.23.00 -- Added more text and I really changed the format for the epic.  Check it out.  Also fussed with some other poems. 

6.19.00 -- Added some more text to the epic.  Some of it I wrote today.  About 20 full pages typed thus far.  A few more pages to put up.  This is really great.  Loving it.

6.8.00 -- Well, a week or so ago, I started the epic.  I've got some of it
posted already.  I've also weeded out the old poems.  The site isn't as
pretty as I'd like it, but it will do.  

3.29.00 -- Added some pics of a trip that i took last weekend.  they're in the excursions page.  also redid the front page of the pics area.  i'll start in on the poetry tomorrow.  i have some to edit, some to redo, some to throw away and some to add.  should be fun.   like the pics page redo, this will take some time.  but, oh well. all for the union.

3.28.00 -- OK! it's FINALLY up!!! the pics site is up and running with over 100 pics!! I'll be adding a BUNCH more very soon.  Also in the works is an online site were you can view EVERY SINGLE MONUMENT at Gettysburg!!!  I'm not kidding. It's a HUGE project, but something to keep my mind off of what i really need to do (redo the poetry section). that's all for now!

3.20.00 -- BIG BIG overhaul on the pics site.  will be down till april 1.  then i'll take to fixing all of the poetry stuff.  it's a HUGE project and the page will look totally different.  i'm very glad about that.

3.13.00 -- Added two new poems!!  one in the 3rd Day and one in After the Smoke Cleared.   I've taken a good look at this site and it's time for a revamp.  I'm going to totally redo some of it.  it's just too cluttered and too messy.  I'm not sure when i'll get around to doing it, but i am taking notes on it right now.  This page gets a lot of hits, i just have to figure out where these hits are coming from.

1.22.00 -- Added NEW pics of the SNOW!!!!!

4.13.99 -- Added some pics of my most recent trip to gettysburg (4.9.99), enjoy.

4.5.99 -- Added 4 pages of pics, East Cemetery Hill, Culps Hill, and the Wheatfield. Fixed the guestbook, please feel free to leave comments.

4.4.99 -- Added three pages of Little Round Top pics.

4.1.99 -- Divided the pages in the pic pages up better.  Only 5 to 7 pics per page.  much easier to read.  much less to download per page.  also trying to divise some method to keep the image files smaller.  we'll see.

3.28.99 -- Added a BUNCH (60?) of new pics i took at gettysburg. Check them out!

3.18.99 -- After some thought, changed name to:  Gettysburg: Even in Summer.  A few minor changes.

3.17.99 -- New home for Even in Summer.  Many new changes and additions to a few different CW web rings.

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